Urology Treatment in Delhi

Urology deals with the diseases, both medical and surgical, of male and female urinary tracts and the male reproductive system. Urological diseases are quite common and many suffer from them. In Delhi, there are many urologists who provide the necessary treatments which include

  • Kidney stone treatments
  • Reconstructive urology surgeries
  • Urological system cancer surgeries
  • Different kinds of urethral injuries
  • Urinary strictures

Other conditions like infertility treatments, erectile dysfunction, priapism, and testicular cancer also require urological treatment.

Urology Treatment in Delhi

In case of kidney stones, urethral or urinary strictures, obstruction at the ultra-pelvic junction and even tumours, the method of treatment used by most hospitals in Delhi, is endoscopic surgery. There are two different approaches to endoscopic surgery.

First is the retrograde method where the urologist uses an ureteroscope and inserts a stent to clear blockages, strictures, break down large kidney stones and even drain urine. The second method is the antegrade or the percutaneous treatment where a nephrostomy tube is inserted through the skin, into the damaged kidney. A fiberoptic scope is used to check strictures while a tube drains the urine. The urologist then does an x-ray after passing dye to determine if the kidney is functioning normally.

Treatment for urological cancers (prostate, bladder or kidney) is usually surgery, but it does depend on the stage. If the cancer metastasizes then apart from surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy will be necessary.

Urethral trauma or injury can happen leading to urethral strictures or scars. Such injury is usually caused due to falls from considerable heights, direct force, car crashes or even sexual assault in case of females. The treatment includes immediate surgery if it is anterior urethral injury but for posterior injury, it is rather difficult. The doctor will place a catheter in the bladder and wait for the body to reabsorb the bleeding from the pelvic fracture. Now, the two edges of the pelvis, if torn in the injury will have to be operated on and connected immediately.

Urological problems can originate at any time. It is essential to identify the symptoms (usually, renal colic, haematuria, blockage of urine, severe pain during urinating) and consult an urologist if required. Therefore, the best option is to visit and seek help from an urologist if you suspect any problems.

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