Urology Treatment in Delhi

Urology is a branch of medical science that deals with medical conditions related to the urinary tract of both males and females. It also deals with reproductive system of males. The physicians who study urology are known as urologists. The urology treatment in Delhi includes cases of kidney stones, protostars, urinary tract infections (UTI), incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and other urine related problems.

In females, the urologists are responsible for diagnosing the problems related to the urinary tract, however, with males, they diagnose the problems relating to their reproductive system which involves testicles and penis. In males urologists treat infertility too.

If you are looking for treating your kidney stones, urethral strictures, testicular cancer and obstruction of ultrapelvic junction through surgery, your urologist will make you familiar with the surgery known as endoscopic surgery. Endoscopic surgery can be performed in two ways namely Retrograde and Antegrade.

In case of retrograde, surgery is performed by using an ureteroscope connected to camera. This surgery involves advanced technology to break the kidney stones, remove blockages or to drain urine. It isn’t performed with naked eyes but by seeing on a television monitor.

In case of Antegrade, the surgery is performed through the skin. The surgeon inserts a tube into the affected kidney to drain out the urine. This tube is removed after a few days and x-Ray is taken if the kidney is back to its normal functioning the patient is discharged.

The patients who are treated with retrograde surgery is usually discharged in a less time period than those where Antegrade surgery is performed.

How to Diagnose a Urinary Tract Disease?

Here are some of the symptoms which leads to urinary tract diseases. If some of these symptoms persists, you should consult a good urologist. These symptoms include:

    1. Discharge of blood during urination
    2. When you have the urge to urinate too frequently
    3. Experience pain in your pelvis, lower back or on sides
    4. When you cannot control urine and leaks out (incontinence)
    5. Weak urine flow
    6. Low sexual desire in man
    7. If you have trouble in keeping or getting an erection

These are some of the common issues people face with their urinary system. In case, you are facing any of these problems, consult your urologist. Follow his opinion as prevention is better than cure. Your health should not be at risk. Get yourself the best urology treatment in Delhi without much do.

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