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Cost Of Laser Stone Removal In Urolife

Kidney Stone Treatment Cost in Delhi

What are the total charges for stone removal based on?

Charges or cost is based on size, location, technology or procedure to be used like (URS, ESWL, Cystoscopy, intracorporeal Lithotripsy, and RIRS).

Why procedure is different in each case of patient?

Different procedures with laser , shockwaves etc are available these days to keep patient suitability in mind and make it a painless and smooth experience. Procedure selection depends on patient condition, stone size and location

Why each procedure costs differently?

Laser and shockwaves techniques have inherent operating cost which differ due to equipment usage and medicines to be used along, hence the operating of these equipments are different.

How can my cost be reduced from a standard package?

After the consultation ,the doctor can help you reduce the cost by fixing your procedure on predetermined subsidized days .These are the days when the urologist team gives a full day on treatments and procedures and the consumables cost gets shared and each gets a savings.

Why is the treatment cost at Urolife affordable as compared to other hospitals?

Urolife team believes in affordable care and cutting cost by making laser treatment with least hospital stay (in most cases same day discharge) to a large number. Many patients without insurance are benefitted by these low cost packages.

What all is included in the package cost?

Package costs includes all surgery fee, room stay charges and medicines in and during procedure. Stone prevention package with stone analysis and diet charting is also part of this package.

What would be the cost for my 7 mm stone removal?

The cost would be approx 16,000 in Urolife centre.Bigger stones removal varies from 22 000 to 45 thousand.

What if I have multiple stones or larger stones?

Our doctors will offer a subsidized package considering the situation and stone load.

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