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Cystoscopic Stone Removal

Cystoscopic technique: An overview
Cystoscopy is done in the situations where the urologist needs to check the internal lining of urethera, bladder, the openings of both the ureters inside the bladder.

Cases where the patient if presents with blood in the urine and regular tests as x ray or ultrasound are inconclusive or point to a lumen lesion, it becomes urgent to view and also take a tissue sample for diagnosis.

Cystoscope with a source light and a camera allows this in the control of urologist hands.

Most cases of bladder stones are treated by cystoscopy and at times any outlet abnormalities too are visualized and corrected in this procedure.

Prostrate laser or TURP procedure is one single most use of cystoscopy.

Anaesthetic used in cystoscopy can be a local to spinal block and this procedure is mostly done in the out patient department where the patient can be back to work the same or by next day comfortably.

Tumors in the bladder are diagnosed and treated by this technique and the ease of direct vision for taking a sample is very helpful for the urologist.

Concerns important for you

Is the procedure painful?

  1. You will not feel any pain during the procedure mainly due to the effect of anaesthesia and in case of feeling substantial discomfort you can always talk to your doctor or team and they can modulate the anaesthetic dose.
  2. In most cases no spinal or general anaesthesia is not needed though in cases of extreme uneasiness. Spinal anaesthesia is sufficient.

What to expect after cystoscopy?

  1. Slight blood in urine and mild irritation can be experienced just after the procedure which gradually fades off within an hour or two.
  2. Cystoscopy is a significantly safe procedure and you can be free from stone the same day and without any cut in the body.

What all you should discuss with your urologist if going for cystoscopic procedure?

  1. You can discuss about Your recovery time.
  2. Chances of complete stone free stage if you have multiple or lasrge baldder stones.
  3. Prostrate enlargement cases can be simultaneously treated, hence you must discuss this is relevant to you.

What to watch for if you have been continuously facing burning urine and infection issues.

  1. This procedure involves a urinary tube with a light source called as cystoscope to be passed inside the urinary bladder.
  2. Area of bladder or the urethera, the outer opening of bladder is also inspected and this technique is used to break and remove the stones present.
  3. No cut is involved in this procedure hence is best to be done these days.
  4. Stones in urethra and bladder are removed by this technology.

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