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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESWL?

ESWL or extra Corporeal (outside the body) Shock Wave Lithotripsy (breaking up of stones) is a procedure to break up the kidney and ureteric stones WITHOUT SURGERY into fine sand like particles which subsequently flow out with urine.
This procedure is being widely and successfully used in USA, UK, Germany and other European countries since 1980. It is considered to be the most superior, safe, modern and scientific procedure of removing kidney and uretric or urinary stones and is approved by the HEALTH AUTHORITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD. Over 60 lakh patients have already been treated by over 2800 installations all over the world.

What is Lithotripsy?

It is a medical and non-invasive procedure to disintegrate Kidney, Ureteric and Bladder Stones without surgery.

What are the advantages of ESWL over open surgery?

  • No cutting at all, hence no need of long incisions and no ugly scars.
  • No damage to kidney or other vital organs.
  • Internationally popular ans medically approved procedure.
  • Immediate resumption of normal activities.
  • Method of choice for treatment of recurrent stones as repeated surgery results in kidney scarring ,removal or damage or decreased function.
  • No need for blood transfusion-avoids serious hazards e.g. hepatitis and AIDS.
  • Patients unfit for surgery due to medical reasons, can be treated without any side effects.
  • Unparalleled safety record. Oldest treated was aged 90 year.

What type of stones can be treated?

Single and multiple stones of various chemical compositions, size and shapes can be now disintegrated. Till recently surgery with its risks was the only answer.

Can recurrent stones be treated?

Its advisable to treat by lithotripsy in such cases as repeated surgery leads to scarring and subsequent loss of function of kidneys which can be avoided.

What preparations are required for Lithotripsy?

Routine checkup and usual investigations are required.

How long does the treatment take and what is the duration of hospital stay?

Average sitting takes 30-40 minutes depending on the size and number of stones and usually no hospital stay is required.

Whether elderly patients and patients suffering from other medical problems can be treated?

Yes all ages patients can be treated except pregnant females and patients with a pace maker are not allowed to undergo this procedure.

What happens after the stone is fragmented?

Stones are converted to small particles or sand like dust which then flows down into the bladder to be cleared from body in urine.

What are the provisions for pre and post lithotripsy follow up?

Adequate facilities for follow up are available at the centre.

Who will impart the treatment?

The treatment will be carried out by a team of eminent Lithotripsy consultants & urologist.

What is the cost of treatment?

Usually the cost of treatment, inclusive of doctor's fee, anesthesia if required and post treatment care is Rs. 15,000/-(approx.). In case of large and multiple stones cost may vary.

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