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Flexible Ureteroscopy

Flexible UreteroscopyFlexible Ureteroscopy in DelhiFlexible Ureteroscopy

Flexible Ureteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to reach any part of kidney (Pelvicalyceal System) through the urinary passage and to diagnose and treat small kidney tumors or stones.

This procedure is also done under spinal or general anesthesia and needs only one day of hospital stay and can resume work with in 3 days. When is the treatment, called flexible ureteroscopy recommended?

It is recommended in the following cases i.e. when the patient is suffering from:

  •  Repeated infections of urinal tract
  •  Unhealthy cells in urine sample
  •  Hematuria
  •  Ureter with a kidney stone
  •  Abnormally narrow ureter causing urinary blockage
  •  Abnormal cell growth in the ureter taking a shape of polyp, tumor or even cancer

Some must Do's and Dont's for the patient undergoing treatment:

Before a flexible ureteroscopy the patients should:

  • Clearly discuss his/hr case with the doctor and understand the instructions given by him
  • If one is required to give the urine sample then he should avoid urinating for about an hour before giving the sample
  • Make prior arrangements for the ride home in case of usage of anaesthesia (general or spinal)

After a flexible ureteroscopy the patients should:

  • drink water in very small quantities and strictly according to the doctor's instructions
  • get clear instructions regarding taking the normal bath or using a warm and damp cloth to get relief from the burning sensation
  • immediately report any problems like
  • blood discharge in urine lasting more than 24 hours after the test
  • acute pain
  • abnormally high or low body temperature

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