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Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi NCR

Best Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi NCR

Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi NCR

You Might be Concerned About:

  • What types of stone need treatment?

  • Which are the latest techniques available?

  • Your own suitability for a procedure?

You might be advised different procedures at different hospitals. Understanding this can be difficult as a patient. Practice of different techniques depends on factors such as expertise of urologist, availability of laser machines and your own suitability pertaining to cost and time availability.

Delhi NCR has bigger and mid level hospitals which can be a suitable option for you but choice of it should be with appropriate information. All hospitals charge differently and you must make your selection based on your affordability and time available.

Kidney Stone Treatment: An Overview

Most hospitals in Delhi and NCR are well equipped with todays latest lasers and practice non surgical methods to remove the stone.

Kidney stone treatment has evolved over the past few years and made it mostly lasrs based and mostly without any cut in the body.

Most cases of stone removal these days are done by ureteroscopy and RIRS.

RIRS has distinct advantages where a proposed surgery PCNL can be replaced by RIRS.

The size of stone is limited to maximum 17 mm in kidney for a successful RIRS procedure. Bigger stones can otherwise be treated by PCNL or ESWL.

PCNL also relieves the patient of stone, however the insertion of nephrostomy tube is needed for few days for proper drainage of stone particles and debris.

Minipcnl is an improvised technique but again with a limition of stone load, it can be used if the urologists finds it suitable for your stone size.

Cost for kidney stone removal in Delhi goes from 25 thousand to 55 thousand for all procedures whereas RIRS is costly.

The cost of kidney stone removal also varies from hospital to multispeciality centres and inmost places consumables and room charges are extra.

Nowdays the treatment is done on package charges once the diagnosis and treatment is finalized by the urologist.

Latest news

In todays time 99 % of stones can be treated without open surgery.

Its not recommended to wait and watch for bigger or multiple stones bigger than 5 or 6 mm.

The resulting infection and blockage can be permanent and result in renal damage if not treated in due time.

Myths of pain of stone

Lots of patients relate pain as sure sign of alarm and think of painless state as safe.

This is not true as few big stones can damage the nerve ending in the kidneys and such stone become symptom free.

Its worthwhile to understand that the presence of stone leading to blockage is bound to cause irreversible damage to your kidneys.

Nowdays lasers are used in RIRS,URS,PCNL and MINI PCNL and are very effective procedures to make stone free in minimal time.

If you are a visitor of Delhi NCR or keen to travel to Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon for the best Kidney stone treatment, then read on.

Nowadays, there are various types of kidney stone treatments available, all depending on the type of problem. The Urologist can prescribe removal of stone through laser, through ureteroscopic techniques or through Lithotripsy.

Sometimes, the urologist may prescribe Urology treatment. This is a specialised form of surgery which does not require any cut and the normal urinary passage is used to fragment through laser.

Before recommending any treatment or surgery, the Urologist will ask for various reports including

  • XRays/ultrasound of the KUB region. In some cases, CT scan may be required
  • Blood test for KFT ( Kidney Function Test)
  • Urine for microscopy

In Delhi and NCR itself, there are many hospitals and specialised centres which cater to these services. For example, there are many hospitals in Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon region, that provide you with best of all these facilities.

Nowadays, you can easily search the net and find out a list of all the centres that offer kidney stone treatment in Delhi NCR, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon. However, ensure that you visit the doctor and the hospital before signing up on the internet. One another option is to go through BestMedicalSavings.In who can provide you with free consultation on your reports and the right centre in Delhi for you at no extra cost.

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