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Kidney Stone Treatment in Gurgaon

Kidney Stones Removal in Gurgaon

Kidney Stone Treatment in Gurgaon


कम खर्च और कम दर्द (Painless )में अब  निकलेगी गुर्दे की पथरी I

मिनी व अल्ट्रॉमिनी पर्क MINI /ULTRAMINI PERC technique तकनीक से एक ही छेद से गुर्दे की पथरी को निकालना संभव हो गया है। इससे मरीज को दर्द कम होता है, सर्जरी के दौरान खून कम बहता है (less blood loss )और इलाज के बाद अस्पताल से भी छुट्टी जल्दी मिल जाती है।

वो भी बहुत खर्च में। 

जबकि मिनी पर्क विधि से 5 mm मिलीमीटर से लेकर 25 mm मिलीमीटर की तक की पथरी (stone)को निकाला जा सकता है। इससे बड़ी पथरी के लिए दूरबीन technique विधि का प्रयोग करना पड़ता है। 



Gurgaon with major technical and housing hubs has its own need of hospitals and advanced medical centres are upgraded to match the world level.

Kidney stone treatment is much required there due to quality of water which is a major cause for stone formation in urinary tract.

Gurgaon with its population is well exposed to advancements in renal stone management with is these days done using lasers and shockwaves.

More than 90 % cases do not require open surgery and patients can resume work in two to three days.

However stone analysis of removed stone plays a major part in prevention which is much needed for recurrences.

Diet charting and newer medicines prevent recurrences and are thus an important part in complete kidney stone management.

Gurgaon patients regularly reach Urolife stone and urology hospital and receive timely care and management.

Laser procedures done in Urolife stone and urology hospital

Ureteroscopy ,Cystoscopy ,RIRS (No cut given in body )

PCNL, Mini PCNL ,(small 10 mm hole is made in kidney are through skin )

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