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Kidney Stone Treatment in Noida

Kidney Stone Removal in Noida

Kidney Stone Treatment in Noida


Noida has an extensive population with spread out infrastructure yet most centres providing kidney stone treatment are located in Delhi but now with expansion of hospitals and availaibility of urologists Noida has few hospitals equipped with state of art technology for stone removal.

Approach for removal in todays scenario involves major role of lasers (intracorporeal and extracorporeal ) inside or outside the body and stones are fragmented to particles and sucked out using vacuum .

Most cases (over 90 %)use the normal urinary passage hence no cuts are given.

Patients hence can be discharged next day and they can resume work in next two days.

Very few (with large or staghorn calculus in kidney or pelviureteric junction need minimal invasive surgery where a small 10 mm hole is made at flank and through the skin using uretheroscope lasers are passed and again stone is removed in particulated form.

Discharge of these patient can be done the next day and needs one week rest at home


Most more than 90 % patients with kidney stone are treated with any cut where advanced lasers are used .Minimally invasive procedures are used for larger stones (more than 25 mm or staghorn ones ).

Many patients from Noida and NCR routinely visit Urolife Medical Centre and get treated with advanced lasers.

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