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Kidney Stone Treatment in West Delhi

Kidney Stone Removal in West Delhi

Kidney Stone Treatment in West Delhi

Kidney stone treatment in West Delhi has become lots more easily and affordable. There are now various types of kidney stone treatments available, all depending on the type of problem that you may have.

The Urologist can prescribe removal of stone through laser, through ureteroscopic techniques or through Lithotripsy.

In Lithotripsy, shock waves or high energy sound waves are sent to the Kidney or to the Ureter to break the stone into smaller pieces. These broken fragments of stone pass through the Ureter in Urine.

Sometimes, the urologist may prescribe Urology treatment. This is a specialised form of surgery which does not require any cut and the normal urinary passage is used to fragment through laser.

In West Delhi, there are few hospitals and specialised centres which cater to these services. To quick start your search, you can search the internet for a list of centres, or word of mouth from your well-wishers or from your doctor.

You can also call the BMShelpline no.999346046 and get a list of centres in west Delhi area, including Rohini, Punjabi Bagh, Janakpuri and Pitampura. You can also meet the urologists at the BMShelpline and get a treatment recommendation.

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