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Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi without Surgery

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Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi without Surgery

कम खर्च और कम दर्द (Painless )में अब  निकलेगी गुर्दे की पथरी I

मिनी व अल्ट्रॉमिनी पर्क MINI /ULTRAMINI PERC technique तकनीक से एक ही छेद से गुर्दे की पथरी को निकालना संभव हो गया है। इससे मरीज को दर्द कम होता है, सर्जरी के दौरान खून कम बहता है (less blood loss )और इलाज के बाद अस्पताल से भी छुट्टी जल्दी मिल जाती है।

वो भी बहुत खर्च में। 

जबकि मिनी पर्क विधि से 5 mm मिलीमीटर से लेकर 25 mm मिलीमीटर की तक की पथरी (stone)को निकाला जा सकता है। इससे बड़ी पथरी के लिए दूरबीन technique विधि का प्रयोग करना पड़ता है। 


Kidney stones are removed by various methods, depending on the nature of stones formed. The following treatments are common and effective in removing kidney stones.

Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

Kidney stones upto 3.0 cm can be treated by this method as day care procedure without anesthesia or surgery.

Keyhole Surgery for Larger Kidney stones (PCNL)

Kidney stones greater than 3 cm can be removed through a small keyhole in the back.

Flexible Ureteroscopy

This facility helps in diagnosis as well as treatment of kidney tumors and stones without open surgery.

Many people in India are suffering from Kidney stones. Kidney stones are classified into struvite stones, calcium stones, uric acid stones, and cystine stones etc. Symptoms of kidney stones include pain during urination, vomiting, nausea, brown, red or pink urine, severe pain in the back, side, and below the ribs, chills, fever, and urinating frequently. If you have any of these symptoms, do not delay the treatment.

Urolife Stone & Urology has expert medical professionals to treat kidney stones effectively and permanently at affordable rates. It also offers free consultation for people from low income categories. The treatment charges are very low and within the reach of poor and low income categories. The surgeons at this hospital are highly qualified and experienced to offer the right treatment.

Some of the procedures offered to remove kidney stones at this hospital are painless. You don’t need admission for curing some of the kidney stones.

Types of Kidney Stone treatments at Urolife Medical Centre

Laser Kidney Stone Cure

Experienced urologists in Delhi shall offer laser kidney stone treatment at reduced rates. It is carried out without any cut in your body.

The surgeons use the minimal invasive procedures to cure small kidney tumors and stones. This treatment uses ureteroscopic laser. In this treatment, the instrument breaks the kidney stones into small parts. The smaller stones are flushed out through urine. It requires just one day of stay at the hospital. You can resume within three days of surgery.

Shockwave Lithotripsy

ESWL is performed by applying mild sedative. High energy shock waves are applied to break the kidney stones into smaller pieces. This procedure takes around 60 minutes. A tube is used to drain the urine during this procedure. It eliminates the small fragments from your body.

Endoscopic Surgery

It is used to eliminate tumors and kidney stones. You can resume normal work within two to three of surgery.


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