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Patient's Feedback

I was diagnosed with multiple stones in kidney and was told that surgery was the option and would also need 3  days post operation rest .At Urolife I was treated without surgery by sound waves Lithotripsy , no rest was needed and I could also continue with job .

Susequent ultrasound showed kidneys without any stones and even no particles were left behind .I am now stone free and taking all precautions .My thanks and recommendations to urolife hospital. 

~ Shalini

South Extension Part 2

It was worth coming to urolife stone hospital for kidney stone size 14 mm .Got relief in 2 days in reasonable cost too .All was well explained before treatment to my satisfaction .

~ Vineet Sahu

l 45 Pratap Nagar Ghaziabad

My mother was diabetic and was advised laser surgery and cost told to me was beyond my capacity .My mother was treated well by lasers in almost half the cost .Satisfied .

~ Sharda Johri

55 Gulmohar park

I was declared unfit by my medical board due to a 3 mm stone in left kidney.I thought it would pass by medicines but after a long time of searching various centres where no proper remedy was given I came to Urolife Stone Hospital.

My treatment was done very simply by ESWL using ultrasound guidance and I was free from that small stone , My check ct scan was clear of stone , My recommendations to all .

~ Mayank Singh

77/1 Flag Road Dehradun

I think it is the right place for the uninsured , treatment was perfect although night sleep got disturbed due to noise ,My recommendations to Urolife 

~ Mr Beni

22/1 Gulmohar Apartments Delhi

I was treated by laser and got urs done , stay and recovery was quite good .mY best wishes to Urolife 

~ Srikant Bora

lndia House building Indore

I was supposed to travel but due to sudden pain I was hospitalised .I was sure to miss my schedule but when I contacted Urolife I was guided well .I was stone free in next two days .Thanks 

~ Vineeta Ahuja

221 DLF phase 1

Got a good option , whereas I was advised stent and surgery both .Wish Urolife success for future plans .The cost too was much less as compared to big hospitals. 

~ Mr Jhulka P

221 Tara apartments GK

My treatment done well with good after care and the package was value for money ,initially I was worried but later I found they did not charge me more than expected .

I recommend Urolife to patients looking for laser stone removal .  

~ Dr Shantu Kumar


" My mother took the decision and we finalised Urolife ,finally my mother is stone free and happy .thanks "

~ Ranju Kumar

Agra U.P

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